Apocalypse Pageant


9/27/12: After some late judges and then computer viruses, the results and awards are up! :) Thanks for hanging around!

9/7/12: Deadline is today. I have two entries. I will grant an extension if even one person asks for it. The extension would be for until next Friday.

8/31/12: I'm super dumb and thought today was the last day of the pageant. XD Oops. There is one week left though and I only have one entry! D:

8/19/12: First entry is up! Send 'em in!!! If only three people enter then hey ;D you automatically get top three placements! XD

8/12/12: Awards are up. Round three is open. I will put up the example as soon as chew is done with it.

8/4/12: Dolls are up and round two is closed. (sorry on the delay I'm still having pests problems at home due to the heat and was unable to access my computer for a few days)

Apoc 2012

A severe global drought has decimated civilization. A few factions of people have banded up into "tribes" that spend most of the time guarding their water source. Most keep to themselves and try and keep their group alive. No one is sure if the rain will ever come back... but they will die to defend their own water until then!